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Online Activity (

Much of the information held in the Registries’ databases can be accessed online through

The graph below illustrates the growth in activity and in services accessed by customers since the start of 2017. Total activity under these headings during 2018 amounted to over 10 million events.

QuarterPlan SelectedProperty SearchesFolios ViewedCopies OrderedTotal
Q1 20171,557,767538,556231,20325,6762,353,202
Q2 20171,494,476489,622212,42426,8422,223,364
Q3 20171,488,200541,516214,79727,0612,271,574
Q4 20171,346,631532,579243,96525,6902,148,865
Total 20175,887,0742,102,273902,389105,2698,997,005
Q1 20181,618,190617,535250,71327,1292,513,567
Q2 20181,616,376660,064250,51629,3132,556,269
Q3 20181,671,109
Q4 20181,509,436609,759232,32226,9252,378,442
Total 20186,415,1112,568,068977,131113,11910,073,429
Q1 20191,756,233663,916251,22229,7852,701,156
Q2 20191,693,688606,037240,38431,1092,571,218
Q3 20191,672,916603,119239,61831,7822,547,435
  • Plan Selected = Number of times a plan was selected on map and details displayed
  • Property Searches = Number of property searches carried out
  • Folios Viewed = Number of folios viewed (€€5 each)
  • Copies Ordered = Number of copy folios/copy folios and title plans ordered (€€40 each)

In addition to a general increase in activity, the number of landdirect account holders continues to increase as new services and enhancements are provided for customers.

* Click here for more information regarding activity level statistics in the PRA