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Digitisation Protocol

Print PageThe Digitisation Protocol Document was specifically formulated to act as a guide for the digitisation of the Registry maps. Its main purpose was to assist the project team in their task of capturing registered properties that were marked on paper based County Series and Irish Grid Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maps by referencing those properties to the OSi digital vector topographic maps […]

Conversion of Title

Print PageUnder Section 35 of the Registration of Title Act 1964, ownership of property that was subject to equities on the 1 January 1967 is deemed to be a “possessory title”. Under the 1964 Act a note that the title is “possessory” is now entered on the register instead of the note that the title […]

Certification of Title – Your Questions Answered

Print PageWhere can I find the prescribed form for a Form 3? In the Land Registration Rules, 2012 (S.I. 483 of 2012)  or under the Forms section of this website. What is the purchase money threshold? €1,000,000 Can I use a Form 3 application for a conveyance or assignment for voluntary consideration? No. Can I […]

Certification of Title – Benefits of Registration of Title

Print Page State guarantee Simple forms of transfer No repetitive investigations of title No provision required to be made for custody of title deeds No searching required to ascertain the whereabouts of original title documents Clear property descriptions  based on an Ordnance Survey Map Purchasers can accept the title offered The additional advantages of registered […]

Certification of Title – LR Form 3

Print PageIn appropriate cases, applications for first registration of a conveyance or assignment on sale, where the consideration is less than €1,000,000, may be the subject of a modified First Registration procedure. In these cases a solicitor investigates the title and certifies it using LR Form 3. Where a Form 3 is accepted the Land Registry […]

Adverse Possession – Registered Land (Section 49)

Print PageAdverse Possession Section 49 – Lodgment checklist 1.      The following should be lodged: (a)    LR Form 6 with exhibits. (b)   PRA compliant Map where required. (c)    Fees of €130. (d)   Application Form incorporating LR Form 17. (e)    Capital Acquisitions Tax (Consolidation) Act, 2003 Certificate [Section 62(2) or 62(7)] It is essential that Paragraph 2 of the LR […]

Adverse Possession – First Registration

Print PageAdverse Possession First Registration – Lodgement checklist: The following should be lodged: (a) LR Form 5 with exhibits. (b) PRA compliant Map. (c) Fees of  €500. (d) Application Form incorporating LR Form 17 (e) Capital Acquisitions Tax (Consolidation) Act, 2003 Certificate {Section 62(2) or 62(7)}. It is essential that Paragraph 2 of the LR Form 5 be […]

Mapping Guidelines

Print PagePlease see our Mapping checklist and video Note that there are a number of new and updated Appendices that came into effect of 1st July 2021. Click here for details of the changes.  Practitioner’s Guide 2014 – Mapping Procedures For FRs Subdivisions And Rights Appendix 1 – Basic Requirements For Acceptance Of Maps In Land […]

Ground Rents Yearly Tenancies – Guidelines for applications under the Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) (No.2) Act 1978

Print PageIn order to be satisfied that the applicant qualifies under the above act, we will require an affidavit sworn by him/her disclosing the facts relied on to show that all the provisions of Section 15 of the above act are complied with by the tenancy.  The following points should be covered by such affidavit: […]

Ground Rents – Guidelines for Applications for Duplicate Vesting Certificates and Amendments to Vesting Certificates

Print PageDuplicate Vesting Certificate(s) (a) Declaration to be completed by original applicant(s) and any other person(s), institutions, banks, solicitors offices etc. who at any time since the issue of the said Vesting Certificate had custody of same. (b) Where the original applicant(s) is/are deceased the declaration must be completed by the executor(s)/administrator(s) enclosing photocopy grant/letters of […]