Trustees – Disposal of Land by Trustees pursuant to the Land Purchase Acts – Legal Office Notice No. 8 of 2002

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Section 30 of the Land Act, 1950 (amending Sections 4 and 20 of the Irish Land Act, 1903) provides for the framing of schemes for the user of land by trustees (e.g. G.A.A. trustees). Schemes may be brought to an end and the property disposed of by the trustees with the consent/authorisation of the Minister for Agriculture Food and Rural Development under Section 30(7)(f) or 30(9)(a) of the Land Act, 1950.
Such applications may be registered on receipt of the following:

  1. Form 17
  2. Deed of Transfer by registered owners
  3. No stamp duty or registration fees are payable – Section 30 (19) of the Land Act, 1950
  4. If the transferors are not the registered owners a Warrant of Appointment under Section 30 of the Land Act, 1950 appointing new trustees is required
  5. If the disposal is under Section 30(7)(f) the original consent of the Minister is required


If the disposal is under Section 30(9)(a), by Delegation Authorisation of the Minister any Principal Officer of the Minister may exercise this power. The original consent of such Principal Officer should be on headed paper and should recite that the consent is exercised under Delegation Authorisation of the Minister.Consent to disposal covers subdivision consent if required.
Chris Hogan
Deputy Registrar
10th May 2002

Updated 26 May 2014