The Property Registration Authority performs a key function in the property market with all changes of ownership and registrations of mortgages and charges against property being registered on the Register of Title. Activity on the Register of Title reflects the activity in the property market and is one of the key indicators in the performance of the economy.

In order to give citizens and our customers an insight into the work carried out in the Registries, the PRA will publish statistics each quarter relating to applications for registration, online services and other operational information.

The first set of data relates to the percentage of the state’s landmass which is now registered title (as opposed to unregistered title, the deeds of which are noted in the Registry of Deeds). It also details the numbers of applications lodged and processed, together with fees paid and the corresponding expenditure over the same period.

The second set shows the level of activity on for the different services accessed.

It is hoped that these statistics will prove useful as a source on information on property activity in the state and it is anticipated that the scope and amount of information can be developed in future publications according to demand.