Registry of Deeds Reopening – changes to onsite access

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Lift at the Registry of Deeds building unavailable from 25 July 2022 to September 2022. Click here for full details.

The Registry of Deeds is open for access to pre-1970 records by appointment only.

Book an Appointment

Appointments must be reserved in advance via our online booking system. You will be asked to specify whether appointment is for essential legal purposes or historical research purposes.

There are currently four types of appointments available:

  • Access to Abstract Books;
  • Access to Lands & Names Index and Transcript Books (for legal purposes)
  • Access to Lands & Names Index and Transcript Books (for historical research purposes)
  • Microfilm Appointment

Names Index Books can be retrieved from open-shelving throughout your visit and do not need to be pre-ordered.  Please ensure that you have watched our instructional video on book-handling in advance of your visit

Customers must pre-order Land Index, Transcript Books, and Abstract Books that they wish to view.  Please see our records page for further information on our collections. There is a limit of 10 volumes for Land Index and Transcript Books and 50 volumes for an Abstract appointment.

Lists can be submitted at the time of booking or sent to at least 1 hour before your appointment start time. Volume lists must be submitted in chronological order.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are between 10.00 and 12.00 and 14.00 to 16.00. Appointments are for the duration of the morning or afternoon slot. Visitors are free to arrive at any point within their allotted time. If you make both an Abstract and Index Appointment, you can move freely between both rooms during your appointment slot.

Arriving at the Registry of Deeds

Visitors will be asked to confirm their booking at reception upon arrival. Photographic identification is required.

You will be required to place personal belongings in a secure locker in reception.  You can bring pencils, notepaper and electronic devices with you for note-taking. You will then be directed to one of our public rooms and your assigned desk.

Using the Collections

Pre-ordered material will be waiting for customers at their assigned desk or on a trolley prior their arrival to the Registry of Deeds.

In order to request additional books during your appointment, you will need to complete a request form.  It may be necessary to limit or suspend this mid appointment retrieval service during busy periods or when staff availability is limited.

Self-Service Digital Photography

Historical researchers are permitted to photograph records older than 100 years for the purposes of private research only. The service is available free of charge and enables researchers to use small handheld cameras or their mobile devices to capture images of records relevant to their research. Please speak with a member of staff in our reading room prior to imaging.

Covid-19 Health & Safety

Users of the service should note that, while the risk of transmission via books and archive material is evidentially low when other appropriate mitigation measures are applied, SARS-CoV-2 virus particles may be traceable on materials similar to those held at the Registry of Deeds for up to eight days.

Service users are required to follow all Health & Safety procedures at the Registry of Deeds and understand that the use of the service is at their own risk.

Face masks are no longer mandatory to attend the Registry of Deeds, Henrietta Street building.

COVID-19 is still with us and there are critical components which still require our collective response:

  • Do not attend the Registry of Deeds if you are symptomatic (even if you are fully vaccinated and boosted) or if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Continue to follow good hand and respiratory hygiene, and use hand sanitisers provided.
  • continue to manage risk for yourself and others who are more vulnerable.  As physical distancing is not possible in the Registry of Deeds, the continued wearing of masks is recommended. 
  • The PRA will continue to support and facilitate the use of face masks by staff and visitors who wish  to use them.


Customers are requested to pay by card or contactless payment.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact


What safety measures are in place at the Registry of Deeds?

There will be rigorous cleaning and sanitisation of touchpoints between appointments, this includes desk space, lockers and bathroom facilities. Hand sanitiser is available throughout the building. Ventilation measures are in place.

How will I know what records to consult?

Information on the records held at the Registry of Deeds are available here. For further information, please contact us at

What type of identification is required for my appointment at the Registry of Deeds?

The Registry of Deeds will accept the following forms of photo identification: current valid full passport; Public Services Card issued by the Department of Social Protection, employer’s identity card with photograph, Garda Identity Age Card, full driving licence (learner’s permit with photo), student identity card with photograph or a travel pass with photograph.

Can I transfer my appointment to colleague or friend?

No, only the individual who booked appointment may attend the time slot.

Can I bring anyone with me to my appointment?

No, appointments are for one named individual only. If a colleague or friend wishes to attend, they must make their own separate appointment.

Can I book multiple appointments on the same day?

Yes, subject to availability you can book both a morning and afternoon appointment on the same day. Customers can book a maximum of 10 appointments per week (5 Index, 5 Abstract appointments). This is to ensure fair access to all of our users as demand on the service remains high. If you require more than 10 appointments per week, please email and we will release any available spots to you.

Do you operate a cancellation list?

Yes, all customers are required to cancel appointments if they are unable to make their time slot. If you want to be added to wait list for a particular time/date, please email and we will release any appointments which become available.

Is there access to bathroom facilities?

Yes, the bathrooms on the First Floor only have been designated for use by visitors.