Practising Solicitors – Register to lodge online Copy Instrument Applications.

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Practising Solicitors, Acting for the Registered Owner, can avail of a paperless alternative when applying for copy instruments.

This service is only available to Solicitors.

The Benefits:
Paperless applications:  ‘Authorised Users’ when acting for the Registered Owner, generate an automated “P” application with no paper application required.

Application Lodged Instantly: Applications are received in the PRA immediately upon submission and will have a lodgement date of the day submitted, thus removing the time and expense in posting applications.

Turnaround times: Turnaround times for “P” applications sit at 7 working days where the instrument is readily available.

Fees:  Fees are automatically deducted from the users account with no requirement for cheque or other payment methods.

How to Become an Authorised user:

This service is only available to Solicitors. In order to authenticate applications for copy instruments under the provisions of Rule 159 (1) of the Land Registration Rules, 2012, where a solicitor is acting for the registered owner, this Form of Certification of Authorisation should be completed and sent to:

Form of Certification, Copy Instrument Section, Property Registration Authority Chancery Street D07, T652 DX228.