Notice: New and revised web based customer Mapping Guidelines came into effect on July 1st

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Customers should note that new and revised Mapping Guidelines came into effect on 1st July 2021. The changes include:

  • Revision of Appendix 5a Mapping Procedure for Registration of Multi-storey Developments
  • Introduction of new Appendix 5c CFR of Individual Apartments/Units in Multi-storey Developments (Pre 1st June 2011)
  • Introduction of new Appendix 5d  Multi-storey Mapping Rejection Slip
  • Revision of Appendix 2 Mapping Rejection Slip (non-MSB)
  • Rescission of Appendix 6 Checklist for Multi-Storey Development Plans
  • Revision of Appendix 7a Required Structure of CAD Files for Registration Purposes (scheme developments only) 
  • Revision of Appendix 7b Provision of Electronic Extract from the Registry Map, within the limits set by the Authority
  • Revision of Appendix 7c Digital Boundaries Product Provision of electronic extract from the Registry map under Item 28 of the Land Registration Fees Order 2012
  • Introduction of new Appendix 7d Required Structure of CAD Files for Registration Purposes (excluding scheme developments)

In relation to Mapping Guideline Appendix 5c, a period of grace, lasting 6 months, up until 1st January 2022 will apply, to address any concerns relating to application maps, floor plans, apartment plans and unit plans, which may have been prepared by practitioners prior to 1st July 2021.

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