Mapping Guidelines


Mapping checklist and video


Practitioner's Guide 2014

Mapping Procedures For FRs Subdivisions And Rights

Appendix 1

Basic Requirements For Acceptance Of Maps In Land Registry

Appendix 2

Mapping Rejection Slip

Appendix 3

Mapping Procedures For Registration Of Development Schemes

Appendix 4

Requirements For Acceptance Of Computer Generated Maps

Appendix 5A

Mapping Requirements For Registration Of Multi-Storey Developments

Appendix 5B

Transfer Of Common Areas Under The MUDs Act 2011

Appendix 6

Checklist For Multistorey Development Plan

Appendix 7A

Required Structure Of CAD Files For Registration Purposes

Appendix 7B

Provision Of Electronic Extract From The Registry Map

Appendix 7C

Provision of electronic extract from the Registry map under Item 28 of the Land Registration Fees Order 2012

Appendix 8A

Official Property Registration Authority Maps

Appendix 8B

Ordnance Survey Ireland ITM 'Land Reg Compliant Map'

Appendix 9

Legend of Symbols On Registry Maps

Appendix 10

Glossary Of Terms

Appendix 11

MSB Search In

Appendix 12

Guide to using landdirect Area Search service