Landdirect – Account Registration Guide

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Step by step guide to account registration

1) If this is your first attempt, enter your old landdirect username and password as prompted.
2) You will be asked to enter a working email address (this will become your new landdirect username)
3) Enter and confirm a new password as requested and click “submit”
4) You should receive an email at the email address you just furnished which includes a validation link
5) Click on the validation link and you will be brought to a page that will confirm your new account details and will contain a link to the login page.
6) Return to the login page and login in using the email address furnished and the new password.
7) If successful, a map of Ireland will appear and you have successfully registered and logged in.

If you are having problems as follows:

1) You receive username, password or account unapproved errors, please try again ensuring that you use the email address you gave and the new password.
2) If your validation link doesn’t work or you get an “account is locked out” error, please email us at
3) If you tried to register on Monday the 28th, please try to register again following the step by step guide above.

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