What do the different stages of registration mean?

Application Pre-Lodged: Application entered on system by solicitor but not yet lodged for registration
Awaiting Attention:  Application received but documents not yet assessed. Application may still be rejected
For Further Attention: Used when dealing has been assessed and where no other status is applicable
To be Mapped: Awaiting the preparation of a new map
Mapped: Mapping stage completed. Awaiting the drafting of a new folio
Mapping Query:  Query issued in relation to the mapping of the application
Queried:  Query issued by dealing section
To be Printed: For copy map and copy folio applications only. Awaiting printing and issue
Completed: Application completed
Abandoned: Documents returned, unable to proceed with registration
Withdrawn: Documents returned at request of lodging party
Refused: Application refused and documents returned
Transferred: Documents lodged transferred to another application
Rejected: Documents returned, as not in order

Category: Land Registry

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