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Registry of Deeds is delighted to participate each month in the Culture Club program run by Dublin City Council Culture Company.

Culture Club lets you experience your city’s culture in a free, fun and easy way. Introducing you to museums, galleries, libraries and other cultural venues in Dublin, to show you what the city has to offer. And after a couple of Culture Clubs you’ll be ready to kick start your very own cultural adventure.

Join us for a guided tour, followed by complimentary tea, coffee and chats. Each Culture Club is FREE, open to all, and lasts approx 2 hours. Come along!

Culture Club is free but booking is required.


Upcoming Culture Club Tours at Registry of Deeds

Tour: Famous Irish Figures at the Registry of Deeds
Date:  Thursday 20 June 2019
Time: 11am
About: The Registry of Deeds holds continuous records relating to property transactions from the 25 March 1708 including over five million memorials. Many influential figures in Irish political and literary history have signed these memorials from Jonathan Swift, Wolfe Tone, and Henry Grattan to more modern individuals such as William Butler Yeats, Lady Gregory, and Eamonn de Valera. This tour will provide an opportunity to view the original memorials and explore the details they reveal about some of most famous figures in Irish history.

Tour: Historic Buildings and the Registry of Deeds
Date:  Thursday 18 July 2019
Time: 11am
About: From 1708 onwards deeds including Wills, Marriage Settlements, Conveyances and Mortgages relating to property and land were registered at the Registry of Deeds. This tour focuses on some of the famous historic buildings throughout the entire island of Ireland which can be uncovered among our 5 million memorial records. Highlights include Lissadell House, Kilkenny Castle and Westport House. Learn also how you can carry out your own research!

Full program of Culture Club events run by Dublin City Council Culture Company can be viewed at: