Monthly Archives: September 2014

eDay Information for Businesses, Public Bodies, Utilities etc.

Print PageFees for lodgement of applications for Registration (Note there is a separate arrangement in place for Solicitors in Practice) As cheques can no longer be accepted from Business users (excluding Solicitors in Practice), Public Bodies etc. after 19 September 2014, when lodging applications for registration and applications for copy instruments must nominate a Landdirect […]

eDay Information for the Citizen

Print PageAll non- business users are encouraged to use online facilities for ordering of and payment for services. The online facilities are available on Non account holders can access the facility by choosing the ‘Proceed as Guest’ option. However, in accordance with the National Payments Plan, the PRA will continue to accept cheque payments […]

eDay Information for Solicitors

Print PageFees for lodgement of applications for Registration An electronic payment facility is in place for all transactions conducted on an electronic basis through the portal. In the case of all other applications, the PRA are in the process of developing an online payment facility which will be available for all applications lodged through […]