New Arrangements for Single Name Search across Multiple Counties


The issue regarding the fee applied for searching against a single name across multiple counties has recently been under consideration following concerns raised at the level of fees being charged.

Having consulted the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and having due regard to Section 10 of the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006, it is considered that the Land Registry Fees Order 2012, when ascribed its ordinary meaning, does not expressly provide for a fee to be charged per name per county and that there is scope to allow for Landdirect to generate a single fee of €5.00 per name searched in a single session across the entirety of the registered land data base.

This new arrangement will apply from July 1st 2015 and will result in a search against a single name for one or more counties incurring a fee of €5.00 in line with Item 23 of the Land Registry Fees Order 2012.

Work is ongoing to enhance Landdirect to apply the new fee. In the meantime if a customer requires that a multi-county search against a single name be conducted they can do so at our public counters where a fee of €5.00 will be applied. If they wish to use Landdirect (where a fee of €5.00 X the number of Counties searched will be applied) they can subsequently apply to where a re-credit of the excess charged to their account can be made.

2nd July 2015