Press Release re Registration of Leases and Multistorey Developments

Registration of Leases

Practitioners should note that an application for the registration of a leasehold interest even where the superior freehold title is already registered is an application for First Registration.  As a result of the growth in the number of new apartments in recent years such applications now constitute a considerable volume of lodgements in some counties notably the larger cities and towns. Where such an application is pending and a further sale of the property is planned practitioners are requested to advise the Land Registry accordingly and request expedition.  Otherwise, the assignment of the leased property will also comprise a first registration application and investigation of title. Registration of the lease in advance of the subsequent sale benefits all parties with significant savings for the second transaction in the preparation of title documents and turnaround time for registration in the Land Registry.

Please click here for Guidelines on the Registration of Leases

Multistorey Developments

The Land Registry wish to announce that revised guidelines regarding the preparation and submission of multistorey development plans have now been published on this website (see Mapping ).The guidelines set out the Registry's requirements and are intended to assist solicitors, architects, surveyors etc. who are involved in the preparation of leases and floor plans for the registration of multistorey units.