- new service for non-account holders


Up to now, has only been available to persons and organisations that have opened and maintained an account with the PRA. We are now delighted to offer some services to non-account holders also. For the first time customers who wish to search our maps and view folios online will be able to do so without having to open and maintain an account. Payment will be facilitated by a secure credit/debit card transaction system.


This facility is being introduced on a trial basis with map and folio data being available for County Carlow initially. It is anticipated that data for all other counties will be made available in this manner on a phased basis.  Our Progress Map will be regularly updated with information on the next counties to become available online. By the end of 2011 it is envisaged that the service will be extended to properties in Counties Kilkenny and Wexford.

Map and folio information for all counties will continue to be available at our public offices in Dublin, Roscommon and Waterford.


This extension of our online service has involved a change to the look and style of the homepage with the central panel containing two separate links to

Login for Business Account Holders

allows existing Business Account Holders to connect to and access their account as before.

Access to for non-account holders

is an new link for Non-Account Holders which will bring such customers directly to the map.


This new service is available from 8am Monday 10th October.


We hope that the changes we have made will lead to an improved experience when using our website. 

Please contact if you have any queries/comments.


Published 6 October 2011