Request Copy Instruments on

This facility is available as an option under the "Request Certified Copy" page on Registered users can now submit applications for Copy Instruments. There are two ways to submit applications.

  • Option 1:
    All customers can avail of this option. When the application is submitted an application form with a 'C' number will be created with a status of 'Pre-lodged'. The completed form with application number endorsed thereon will appear on screen and the customer is required to print the application form (similar to electronic Form 17). The form should be sent to the Property Registration Authority together with the fee and any accompanying documentation, such as the letter of authority.
  • Option 2 (Solicitors only):
  • To avail of this facility, the individual solicitor must firstly lodge an application for authorisation to electronically submit copy instrument applications. Note that this option can only be used where the solicitor is acting for the registered owner.Where the user has been authorised and is acting for the registered owner, the application will be submitted electronically to the Property Registration Authority and it will not be necessary to send in a paper application. Note also that in these cases, the fee is deducted directly from your account. 
  • Click here for Form of Certification for authorisation. This form must be completed and signed by the individual solicitor, and should be sent to “Corporate Services Unit, Property Registration Authority, Chancery Street, Dublin 7”.