All Land Registry folios now in electronic format

The Property Registration Authority is pleased to announce the completion of an ambitious programme to upgrade all its folios to a fully digitised format.  This project, which encompassed the conversion of more than 807,000 individual folios, was undertaken as a key building block for future developments in electronic registration and electronic conveyancing.  The project involved the re-keying of all current data from the folios which were originally held in paper format and had been scanned under a previous project.  Some of these documents dated from the establishment of the organisation in 1892. As a result, some 1.9 million folios are now available in full digitised format and a permanent record of the historical records has been preserved for the future.

The completion of this project, together with our Digital Mapping project which is on schedule for completion before the end of 2010, will mean that the Property Registration Authority will have all of its Land Registry records – folios, maps and indices – in a state of the art computerised format and available online through its portal. 

We are delighted that very significant benefits have already accrued to our customers from our investment programme in recent years and further developments are now underway.


01 September 2009