Guide to searching

A Guide to Searching

Our website uses the powerful Google Business Edition search engine. This search engine has full Google functionality and allows you to conduct a search specific to this site or to search the web. Also, all pages on have been comprehensively indexed.

The quality of the search results is wholly dependent on the quality of the search criteria entered. 

Searching Tips 


Think carefully about the keywords you enter into the search. The keywords should be as specific as possible; e.g.  a search for a general term such as registration or certificate will give so many results that it may be difficult to find what you want. Use a keyword that relates specifically to your search; e.g. leases, burdens, vesting certificate.

Use more that one keyword; e.g. a search for death of joint owner or death of registered owner will provide more useful results that the single search word death.

Again a search for vesting certificate will provide more useful results than the single search word vesting.


Exact Phrase:

If you wish to search for an exact phrase, use inverted commas; e.g., a search against “electronic conveyancing” returns 22 results, but a search for the same phrase without using the commas i.e. electronic conveyancing returns 41 results.

Excluded Words

Use the minus symbol to exclude certain words; e.g. conveyancing –electronic. This will search for all pages with the word conveyancing but will exclude pages that also contain the word electronic.