Land Registry Forms

Land Registration Forms

The following Land Registration Forms are available to download in Microsoft Word or pdf format by clicking on the linked files below.

The forms available here are application forms for certified copies of documents or similar services.

(Note: Adobe Reader version 8 or higher is required to view pdf 2012 version)

Personal Applicant's Identification Form (ID Form)

Form 17 (pdf document)*

Copy Folio Application Form

Copy Folio and Title Plan Application Form

Scheme Map Application Form

Application Form for Copy Instrument Rule 159*

Form 88 (Names Index Search)

Form 89 (Map Search)

* See Legal Office Notice 5/2010 – Personal Applications for Registration or for Copy Instruments must be accompanied by a Personal Applicant’s Identification Form.

Registration of title in the Land Registry is governed by the Registration of Deeds Act 1964, the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006, the Land Registration Rules 2012 and the Land Registration Rules 2013 as well as other relevant legislation. 

Forms (contained within the Land Registration Rules 2012 and 2013) required for applications for registration, which are prescribed by the Rules, must be read within the context of these Rules. Links to some forms are provided within the relevant Practice Direction or Office Notice and links to all individual rules and forms are also available in Supplementary Information to the Land Registration Rules.


Updated 1 November 2013