Registry of Deeds Searches


Types of Searches

The Registry of Deeds records the existence of Deeds conveying ownership or interest in property. Maps are not held as part of the registration record.   

Our Records date from 1708.

There are two indices that can be researched


Names Index:- is an index of the persons who disposed of an interest in property i.e. by way of conveyance, mortgage, lease etc.

Townland Index:- is an index of all transactions compiled in order of Names of Townland affected (discontinued in 1946)


In order to trace any deed the following information is necessary

a)     Names of all parties to the deed

b)     The date of deed

c)      Situation of premises e.g. Street or Townland and location e.g. City, Town or County.

All information relating to pre 1833 must be searched by attending the office in person during business hours (see FAQs). We do not provide Official Searches prior to that year

Registry of Deeds records are available to the public and can be searched in a number of ways:-

  • Official Search                                                                                          

An Application Form 11 is submitted by post to the Office and is conducted and checked by Registry Officials, the results will be issued by post. The fee is €20 per name, for each specified lands or premises, for each period of ten years or part thereof.

  • Hand Search                                                                                               

A Hand Search is carried out by attending the office The fee is €2 per name, for each specified lands, for each period of ten years or part thereof.

  • Online Search                                                                                   

Registry of Deeds online searching is available to all account holders. Users are now able to search our records online from 1970 to date and will also be able to order Official Searches and Copy Memorials/Application Forms online. (Non account holders may access these records at the Public Counter in the Registry of Deeds.)

Customers should initially establish whether the property is registered or unregistered by performing a search of the LR Digital Map using the “Locate by Map or Property Address” option on the main menu.

A user-friendly guide to online searching entitled “Registry of Deeds Help File” is available in Select the Registry of Deeds option in the Main Menu and then select Help at the top of the screen.


Where the grantor’s name is unknown, you may be able to discover the name by consulting other public records.  The usual sources for such records are:

  1. The Valuation Office (
  2. Thom’s Street Directory (available in your local library)
  3. Griffith’s valuation (

Once you have discovered the name of the grantor it is possible to carry out a Names Index Search.


Published 11 August 2010