Customer Action Plan 2017

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This document sets out the Property Registration Authority’s Customer Action Plan for 2017, based on its existing Customer Charter (Appendix A).

A new Customer Charter and Action Plan will be developed in the second half of 2017, for the period 2018-2020.


Property Registration Authority (PRA) Customer Action Plan

As set out in the PRA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2018, one of our five core strategic goals is the maintenance of an excellent service and the continued extension of the services available to customers of the Land Registry and Registry of Deeds.

This customer action plan sets out the initiatives that the PRA will be pursuing to meet the targets and objectives set out in the customer charter, as well as more general measures to enhance the services provided to customers.


Commitment to Customer Service

The Authority is fully committed to the best level of service possible.  The Customer Charter sets out the level of services which the Authority endeavours to provide to its customers, including measurable delivery targets for a range of application types.  The overall goal of the Charter is to provide excellent services which are easily accessible by a variety of means.

Whilst the PRA’s customer survey (published in 2015) indicated a high level of satisfaction amongst customers with the quality of service provided by the Authority, the survey also identified some of the operational and other electronic services as being in need of improvement or modification.  The Authority will continue to ensure that this feedback will form an integral part in the updating of the Customer Charters and in the ongoing programme of improving the delivery of a quality customer service.

In addition, the Authority will continue to promote an awareness of the benefit of registration of title.  Registration of a title on the Register is the basis for publicly recording and verifying ownership of the property.  Registration of ownership in the Land Registry conveys upon the owner a state guaranteed system of title registration.


Strategies and Action

In terms of meeting our customer service commitments, the PRA has identified specific strategies and actions:

  1. Work in partnership with customers to establish their expectations, including through:
    1. Customer Focus Group – four meetings each year;
    2. Engaging with other Public Service bodies with a view to the delivery of integrated public services;
    3. Discussions with representative bodies and conducting customer needs surveys;
    4. Briefing and educational sessions (for staff and external bodies).
  2. Engage with stakeholders in formal consultation processes.
  3. Contribute to all relevant reports, surveys and benchmarks.
  4. Analyse statistical data, reports and surveys to evaluate the level to which internal verification processes are met.
  5. Regularly carry out a detailed review and up-dating of the current Customer Charters – with a review (and customer survey) to be undertaken in Q3 2017 and a new Charter and Action Plan to be developed in Q4 2017, for 2018-2020.
  6. Extend the range of electronic services to non-professional customers.
  7. Extend the provision of correspondence by electronic means.
  8. Prepare, implement and review annual business plans with a strong focus on outputs, turnaround times and the needs of our customers.
  9. Continue to implement measures to secure an improvement in the standard of applications submitted for registration.
  10. Maintain standards and procedures to facilitate quality, productivity, efficiency and value for money.
  11. Extend eRegistration to other appropriate types of applications.
  12. Monitor the delivery of services under the scheme agreed under the Official Languages Act 2003, and review of the PRA’s scheme in Q4 2017.
  13. Continue to raise awareness of the benefit to the citizen to be derived from registration of title.
  14. Extend the range of information services available to professional and non-professional customers.


Performance Indicators

The impact of the above initiatives will be measured in a variety of ways, including:

  • Regular and effective participation by stakeholders in the Authority’s Customer Focus Group meetings.
  • Level of customer satisfaction based by ongoing feedback and customer surveys.
  • Increased use of statistics to assess performance.
  • Level of achievement of customer charter targets and divisional business plans.
  • Increased use of eRegistration services.
  • Delivery of services in the Irish language in line with the agreed scheme.
  • The issue of regular information bulletins to the public and participation at appropriate events.
  • Extension of the range of information available.
  • Consistent reduction in the percentage of cases which need to be queried and rejected.
  • Increased use of by the citizen and professional user
  • Recognition of the value of the Authority’s spatial data through its wider adoption as the authoritative source for property ownership.


Appendix A – Property Registration Authority Customer Charter

The Property Registration Authority (PRA) is committed to providing you, our customer, with an excellent service which is easily accessible by a variety of means, including:

  • our online services which are available through our website,
  • personal attendance at our public offices in Dublin, Waterford and Roscommon,
  • post, email and telephone.

This charter sets out the standard of service which we will endeavour to provide for our customers.


Help Us to Help You

In recent years, we have invested significantly in developing systems to enhance the delivery of our services. We would strongly urge you to:

  1. Use our online service in order to:
    • view Land Registry maps
    • view folios
    • lodge copy folio/title plan applications
    • Business Account Holders may also avail of additional online services from both the Land Registry and Registry of Deeds. Find further information about these services in the Services section of this website.
  2. Ensure that your applications are correctly presented for registration.
  3. Ensure that maps lodged for registration are compliant with the Mapping Guidelines available on our website.
  4. Retain copies of documents lodged.
  5. Retain copies of documents post registration.


Service Delivery

We will endeavour to meet the following service delivery targets:

When you make an application:

Land Registry

  • 75% of cases, not requiring mapping, that are in order for registration, to be completed within 10 working days.
  • 100% of Ground Rents Consent cases, that are in order, to be completed within 20 working days.
  • 100% of electronic applications (eDischarges of mortgages and eNursing Home charges) to be completed within 2 working days.
  • 95% of copy folios/title plans requested via ieto issue by post within 24 hours of receipt of the application.
  • 90% of mapping searches to be completed within 5 working days.
  • Reference numbers for dealings lodged to be available online within 2 working days of our receipt of the application.
  • Names index searches may be completed instantaneously through ie for Business Account Holders.
  • Receipt of Ground Rents applications to be acknowledged within 2 working days of lodgement.

Where the completion of an application in a particular case is urgent, you should write to us explaining the reason underlying the urgency and we will make every reasonable effort to facilitate your request.

Registry of Deeds

  • 90% of all correct Application Forms to be registered within 5 working days.
  • All vacates/satisfactions to be recorded within 3 working days.
  • All abstract details of Application Forms to be available online within 2 working days of registration.
  • 90% of Official Searches to be completed within 3 working days.
  • 90% of all Copy Memorial Applications to issue within 3 working days of receipt.

When you phone us:

We will be available to answer your calls from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.  We will answer your call as quickly as possible and we will be courteous and helpful in dealing with your enquiry.  We will try to answer your query straight away, however if we cannot do this, we will take the details of your enquiry and call you back within 2 working days with a reply.

When you write to us:

We will respond to all correspondence relating to general enquiries within 3 working days.  Correspondence addressed to individual members of staff will be replied to by the staff member as quickly as possible.  Where the correspondence relates to an ongoing application, this will be replied to as soon as possible by the officer who is dealing with the application.

When you visit us:

We will endeavour to maintain safe and accessible public offices. We will ensure that our public offices are fit for purpose and enable our customers conduct their business in and effective and secure manner.

Because of their age and design, our offices in Chancery Street and Henrietta Street have limited physical access. However, if you have particular accessibility requirements and wish to attend these offices, please contact our Access Officer by telephoning 01-8048146 in advance of your visit.

If you should wish to meet with a specific member of staff, we would ask that you make an appointment in advance to ensure that the staff member is available to meet with you.

If you have a complaint:

All staff of the PRA are committed to delivering a high quality customer service.  If you have a complaint in relation to any of our services, please bring it to the attention of the staff in the office concerned.

We are committed to:

  • dealing with complaints in a courteous, expeditious and efficient manner;
  • resolving complaints, where possible, at the first point of contact;
  • correcting any incorrect or inappropriate action on our part as soon as possible;
  • learning from mistakes to ensure that errors are not repeated.

To read more about making a complaint see our Complaints Procedure.


In matters regarding registration of title, any person aggrieved by an order or decision of the Property Registration Authority may appeal to the Court (Section 19(1) of the Registration of Title Act 1964).


Available Information

While we cannot provide specific advice on individual applications, information regarding PRA Practices and Procedures is available on our website.  We will continue to revise and update the information on our website and all key publications will be available online.

We will ensure that the website is continuously reviewed to ensure its accuracy of information and also to ensure that it allows customers to access information in the most effective way.  We will keep it updated regarding the various services provided by the PRA.

Our website complies with standard content accessibility guidelines which conform to at least Level AA of the W3C.

We will continue to notify legal practitioners of new developments by advertising in the Law Society Gazette and through publications on our website.


Service through the Irish language

As an organisation, the PRA is committed to providing quality services in both Irish and English. We will comply with the Official Languages Act 2003 and any Regulations made under the Act. Details of our commitments in relation to the provision of Irish language services are set out in our Irish Language Scheme which is available on our website.


Communicating with Customers

We will consult with our customers, from time to time, by way of customer surveys and invite your comments on our services through our website. We will use this feedback to improve our services to meet customer needs on an ongoing basis.

We will continue to liaise with customers via the Customer Focus Group, the representative forum which currently exists, and other suitable fora.